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What we do?

Cloth and Jute Packaging

Production of jute requires fine workmanship. It is predominantly produced in India and Pakistan. The fibers are very fine , so they are often preferred in…


Specıal Fabrıc Packaging

Special design and fabrics are used to reflect soul of selected brand, and desired product model in the best possible way. Production of packaging with desired…


PVC Packaging

Plastic PVC packaging is an ideal choice to protect a specific product from impacts of long-term storage and environmental conditions.


Spunbond Packaging

Spunbond is used to manufacture packaging as much as it is used in textile industry. . It provides desired level of strength and proper…


Cloth and Jute Bags

Cloth and jute bags feature distinguished elegant design and soft texture. They also gain functionality with unlimited design and printing options.


Promotional Bags

Okyanus Ambalaj offers affordable bags solutions for packaging demands that are suitable for all kinds and types of products.Wide range of materials…


Cosmetıcs and Makeup Bags

Every woman who wears makeup needs a big bag that can handle all the cosmetic products at home and a smaller bag for daily use.


Beach Bags

A stylish and handy bag that can accommodate many things that you may need at seaside will surely make everyone happy to enjoy the seaside.


Home Organizer

You will be at ease with home organizers, which are necessary to store rarely used items so that they do not create mess in rooms or cabinets.


Throw Pillow

These tiny pillows contribute to your comfort, and also allow you to use different colors when decorating your home. Throw pillows, which are very…


Carrying Bags

Bags make our life significantly easier during travel, short walk, at school, work, and more. We always have something to carry with us, and a right bag …

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